Coordinated Area Plan for Fry’s Site

Accessory Dwelling Units

Compadres Redevelopment

Review our Ventura Parks Platform – The city proposed some improvements to Boulware & Ventura CC.  We let them know our preferences.

Saving CineArts – is there a chance?

Telephone poles in the middle of our sidewalks make walking hard 

Park Boulevard Bike Path Plan

Airplane Noise Pollution

Hazardous Intersection – Park and Page Mill

Upzoning Watch – Parmani Hotel

Upzoning Watch at 2755 El Camino

Smokes and Vapes Shop in our neighborhood?  Really?

Wasting Our Water – Developers Draining Aquifers Dry

Archived – Upzoning Watch at Olive Garden Property – Score 1 for Godzilla


Topics that need some attention – maybe a champion to dig in –

Residential Parking Permit

Community Garden Program

Vehicle Dwellers & Squatters

Illegal Dumping of Furniture


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