Updated as of July 6, 2016 –

The last public meeting of the Select Committee was held on June 29 at the City Hall in Mountain View. The Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals was formed by U.S. Representatives Eshoo, Farr, and Speier specifically to hear residents’ concerns and then make recommendations to the FAA.  Some of the talking points recommended by Sky Posse were:

  • Sacrificial noise corridors over homes are unnecessary and unacceptable given that there is a huge body of water very close by.
  • Why are you making the target altitude of 4000 feet at the MENLO waypoint mandatory when there is so much community outrage over noise already?
  • Why not route night flights over the bay now and expand to more over-the-bay approaches later on?
  • Why do flights from Phoenix approach from the south rather than the east as they used to?
  • Why are flights from the East Coast flying over my house?
  • Why cant you require airlines to fix the Airbus 320 howl (as is mandatory in Europe) when the cost is about the same as a first class international ticket?

For the latest on this topic and for other news visit http://www.skypossepaloalto.org/

Background News…

Venturans and all Palo Altans have noticed a serious uptick in noise from lower flying jets on recently instituted route changes to and from San Francisco International Airport.

Latest on this topic – check out Paly Librarian Rachel Kellerman’s editorial in the Weekly.

Would you like to learn more about this issue and add your voice?  Here are some tools you can use:

  • Check out the Palo Alto Weekly’s Editorial from July 31, 2015
  • Check out Skyposse’s Community Watchdog website on Aviation Noise
  • Consider taking Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s survey on noise pollution.  She is asking all her constituents to weigh in.
  • Consider signing Skyposse’s Petition 
  • File a complaint with SFO




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