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Development: Our neighborhood will be seeing major changes in the coming years.  The biggest development will probably be at the Fry’s site, but the Ventura neighborhood will see new buildings going up all along El Camino, as well as in other underdeveloped areas.

Working Group: The City Council has recently decided to create a Working Group consisting of developers, city planners and neighborhood residents who will all have a voice in the design of the new developments.  The Ventura Neighborhood Association welcomes your participation and opinions regarding all these changes.

If you are interested in possibly being appointed to the Working Group, the city’s planning department will be accepting applications in the near future (December – January, or so).    Please keep in mind that it is a serious time commitment and a great learning opportunity.  Only apply if you have time to devote to the effort.  Contact

Ventura Neighborhood Association Meetings: You are also encouraged to attend our monthly Ventura Neighborhood Association meetings to share your opinions, questions and thoughts regarding our neighborhood.  We meet every first Sunday at 1:30, usually in the Ventura Multipurpose room (where voting takes place on election days). If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact:

We’d also appreciate your thoughts, ideas and opinions right now on any of the following: (please contact Angela Dellaporta on NextDoor. Look for a NextDoor entry for Ventura neighbors only on  NVCAP)   Or if it’s easier email comments to

1. How Much Green Space?: How do you feel about future green space in the Fry’s site?  There will inevitably be some buildings – probably largely residences – but we may be able to influence the size of the green space, as well as the nature of the green space.


– Sometimes there is a choice between shorter buildings or more green space. Which do you lean towards?

– What activities do you envision taking place in the green space?  Picnics and walks?
Music performances?   Community gatherings?       Community vegetable gardens?
Flower gardens?  A mix?


2.  Mixed use?  What kinds of business?
Would you prefer to see a mixed-use development?   Or a purely residential development?
Or a purely business development – i.e. more office space?


– If mixed use, what retail businesses would you use there? (circle all applicable)
Cafe,    Restaurant,     small grocery or vegetable market,      community meeting space,      pharmacy,    Art space,        community pool,       museum,        teaching space,       daycare,   bookstore,             other


– If located at the Fry’s site, would any of these businesses allow you to cut down on driving your car?
– Which retail businesses would have the greatest chance to thrive in that space? What might allow them to thrive?
– If mixed use, how would you feel about business offices there (as opposed to retail)?
– What are your thoughts about locating businesses at the Frys site instead of going to Cal Ave?
– What other types of business could be useful there?  Non profits?


3. Parking? How would you feel about underground parking (rather than ground level) for residents of the new buildings and for visitors ?
– – How would you feel about street parking permits for Ventura residents?


4. Aesthetics? What are some of the building aesthetics you particularly care about?
– variety of roof levels
– set back from road
– variety of building setbacks
– traditional? Modern? Industrial?
– Other?


5. Environmental standards? How concerned are you about the environmental and sustainable standards in the design, the building process and in the materials used?



6. Transportation:
We all want to avoid more car traffic!  What can the city do to reduce car trips (assuming that more housing/developmental density is inevitable)?


– The development will be close to the train station, so the city hopes that people who must commute will use the train.   Is there anything that could increase residents’ use of the train?


– Would you be likely to use a small grocery/vegetable market located in the Fry’s site?


– Is there anything about the way this development is structured that could increase bicycle use?


– Do you use a bicycle currently for errands or commuting? What could make bicycle use more attractive to you?


– Would you consider riding a bus to go on errands or to commute?  What would make riding a bus more attractive to you?  (Frequency? Convenient routes?)


– If you have children in your household, how do they How do they get to school?  Bike? Bus? What could make biking or bussing more attractive to them?



7. Creek: It may be possible to safely re-naturalize the creek in the area of the development.  What are your thoughts/feelings on this, if it can be done safely?



8. Other thoughts? Do you have any other thoughts, suggestions or questions regarding the developments that are bound  to come to our neighborhood?