Update November 14, 2015 – Take a look at this document which shows the proposed improvements to Park Boulevard.   The City is currently planning on keeping current traffic controls, which means no stop sign for North South bound traffic on Park, which is something we have been advocating for.  However, the plan indicates a possible traffic light in the pipeline.

Please visit the Hot Topic page Park Boulevard Improvements to learn more about proposed changes to Park Boulevard and some of our concerns.


Update – September 22 – Last night, Becky spoke to Council and was supported by Jonathan and Steve, which was great.  She read the letter and it was entered into the public record.  Hillary Gitelman, Director of Planning asked for a copy of the letter to make sure that the Bike Boulevard recommendations– which are actually well underway — reflected our concerns.  She will get back to us to confirm when and in what manner our concerns will be addressed.  Thank you all for being supportive of this effort.


Our first visit to City Council will be September 21 in order to ask Council to give us traffic controls on Park Boulevard at the intersection of Page Mill.

Three ways you can participate:

  1. Add your name to the letter by emailing me:  rebsanders at gmail dot com .  Here is a letter: Intersection Ventura Neighborhood Association
  2. Send your own email to city.council@cityofpaloalto.org
  3. Join me at the meeting and stand in support, while I speak.

The Oral Communications segment is scheduled from 7:10-7:25 pm.   Please arrive by 6:50.   Here is a link to the meetings agenda.