At the April Meeting of the Association, we elected to submit a letter to Council about the 5 telephone poles and 1 stop sign that block the sidewalk on Park Boulevard between Fernando and Lambert.  It is impossible for strollers and wheel chairs to get through the resulting narrow gaps.  And in one spot only a person who doubles as a bean pole can get through, forcing all others to drop down to the street, between parked cars.  We are meeting at City Hall at 6 pm on 4/18/16 to speak during the Public Comment portion of the City Council at 6:25 pm.

The Letter is here: Ventura Neighborhood Association (2).

And of course we have lots of pictures!


1-1304_Close_Up 2-1304-Wide_Shot 3-1304_32_Inches 4-1298_Close_Up 5-1298_Wide_Shot 6-1298_30_Inches 7-7019_Close_up 8-7019_Wide_Shot 9-7019_19_Inches 10-1296_Close_Up 11-1296_Wide_Shot_with_Stop_Sign 12-1296_31_Inches 13-1295_Close-Up 14-1295-Wide_Shot 15-1295_35_Inches