Background – In the next two years, we citizens have the opportunity to influence how the large Fry’s site will be developed by the owners, the Sobrato Family.  They own the property and they have their rights as property owners.  However,  I am sure they would welcome building something that neighbors loved and supported, that the whole community can get behind and be proud of.  Let’s help them do that.  In the past other large areas set for redevelopment have warranted a Coordinated Area Plan (CAP).  A CAP is “intended to create enhanced opportunities for building a sense of community through public involvement in planning processes that provide residents, businesses and property owners with early and meaningful opportunities to help shape the physical components of  their neighborhoods and community”  (See South of Forest Area, Coordinated Area Plan Phase 1).

There is no funding planned by the city yet to do a coordinated area plan for the Fry’s site like was done for the South of Forest Area. In order for the community to have meaningful influence on the outcomes, we ask that council grant Fry’s the same status as SOFA had and that the city budget money to support the CAP.  The city budget is coming to the full council on June 27, 2017 and of course it has a huge impact on many issues and projects. Take a look at the budget ahead of time.

One night only is scheduled for the council to look at it, make changes, and vote. There is a back up date on the 28th where more discussion can take place if necessary.  VNA recommends sending emails to and ask for this item to be added to the 2018 budget.  If possible come to City Council meetings and ask for this during “Oral Communications.”